Uncorked does tastings

Free Friday tastings happen every week between 12 midday and 6.30pm. Sometimes we have a winemaker or an agent to show the wines and sometimes we are on hand to talk and pour for you. Either way these are informal, drop in events where you can learn about our range and often be the first to see new lines as well as old favourites.

Reading about wine is good; drinking wine (in moderation, of course) is better. Tasting is the best and greatest activity around wine. In tasting, you cannot help but learn, and in tasting there is truth. Check out the range of tasting opportunities we offer because we know just how important it is for you to discover what you don't and do like. And why. And when.

Uncorked Wine School

Colin and colleagues run regular sessions and courses around different themes, for instance: countries and regions or grape varieties.

Corporate tastings

Contact Colin to discuss your requirements for your company's event. We offer a range of formats and are happy to come to your building, to another venue altogether or host you in our shop. Whether you would like a walkabout quiz, a seated team competition or are a very wine oriented group who would prefer a tutored session, we can offer you a fun and educational evening.

Whether you come to our informal Fridays, our fine wine set pieces, or organise some corporate entertainment in-house or for clients, your tasting will be both jolly and informative. Check out our calendar for more details.

Contact Colin Wills on 020 7638 5998 for more information.