Uncorked does tastings

Welcome! Thirsty Thursday tastings happen every week between 12 midday and 5.30pm. Sometimes we have a winemaker or an agent to show the wines and sometimes we are on hand to talk and pour for you. Either way these are informal, drop in events where you can learn about our range and often be the first to see new lines as well as old favourites. It's also worth noting that occasionally we have wine left over (gasp!), and when we do we carry on tasting on Fridays, from 12-5:30pm.

Reading about wine is good; drinking wine (in moderation, of course) is better. Tasting is the best and greatest activity around wine. In tasting, you cannot help but learn, and in tasting there is truth. Check out the range of tasting opportunities we offer because we know just how important it is for you to discover what you don't and do like. And why. And when.