Tradition and innovation from the rice breweries of Japan

Sake arrived at Uncorked in June 2014 and is our first Japanese product. It fits in perfectly with our ethos, and I think the rest of our range. Sake has a huge tradition to draw on, and a large base of producers ranging from small and artisanal to big brands. After tasting a range of Sakes and producers, we settled on the ones below because, importantly they all taste great and different and because in terms of heritage and terroir there is a connection between these and some of our grape wines. We were really surprised at the character and quality. 

Sake is over two thousand years old as a drink and many things have changed since its inception, including the use of koji fungus and the development of specialist yeasts for the fermentation. All our Sakes are best kept and drunk chilled.


Vintage Description Cs Sz Bt Sz Cs Bts Cs ib Cs inc Bt inc
ready Dewazakura Omachi ginjo sake
6x 72cl 1 1 - £237.07 £39.00 Buy
ready Koshi no Kanbai Sai ginjo sake
12x 72cl 0 4 - £528.00 £44.00 Buy
ready Masumi Hiyaoroshi ginjo sake
12x 72cl 0 1 - £564.00 £47.00 Buy
ready Dewazakura daiginjo sake
6x 72cl 0 1 - £468.00 £78.00 Buy
ready Sohomare Kimoto junmai daiginjo sake
6x 72cl 0 2 - £468.00 £78.00 Buy
ready Kamoizumi Umeshu plum sake
6x 72cl 0 2 - £215.34 £36.00 Buy
ready Tamagawa Time Machine sake
12x 36cl 0 3 - £360.00 £30.00 Buy