En primeur

En primeur is a term for wines purchased on initial release in advance of bottling and shipment. The same wines may seldom reappear for sale and/or do so at significantly higher prices. Provenance is assured since storage is controlled from the outset. Bottling formats (halves, magnums, double magnums, etc) may be specified for Bordeaux and certain other wines.


Prices are in bond (duty unpaid) London City Bond or Vinotheque, exclusive of VAT, per whole, unmixed case unit shown, and no further discounts apply.


Payment is due at the time of order.


Bordeaux and vintage port approximately 3 years after the vintage. Burgundy and Rhone 2-3 years after the vintage.


Storage, delivery or transfer should be advised upon shipment and will be charged at the prevailing rate (no charges apply prior to shipment).