Service and Services

Uncorked has been a shop with a website for some time. Centrally located, we are accessible for anyone able to visit and talk to us, and with our website you can see not just what and how much we have of everything, but also where it is, and order it for yourself. This new version also allows you to see the value of the wine you hold via trading site Liv-ex and even order it from bond.

We strive to offer you service at the highest level at all times. We have devised and implemented a new system of order tracking allowing you to access proof-of-delivery or collection online, giving you the ability to track and trace for yourself, or us to help you know where your stuff is. You can also view previous orders and drill down to product details on individual bottles, providing they were purchased on your own account through our tills, internet or main system. (Please be sure to let us know that you're on our system when you buy something in our Copthall Avenue Shop.)

We want everything we offer you to be of the highest quality. The wines we source and ship come with their reputations in the bottle, and of course many arrive with critical acclaim.

We want our advice to be the best and won't try to sell you something inappropriate for the sake of it. None of us is on commission, and no wine sold here is the subject of producer or importer incentives, which would skew our recommendations. Our advice will always be honest and will try to match your needs.