Or What Uncorked Staff are Doing When They’re Supposed to be Serving You


Small, biodynamic Wiltshire farm producing rare breed beef, Gloucester Old Spot pork, chicken, Norfolk Black Turkey, and more. Visit them at Wiltshire Farmers’ Markets (listed on their website), or at their own cutting room close to junction 16 of the M4 every Thursday between 3pm and 7pm. ‘Food Super Heroes’ in the second edition of Rick Stein’s Local Food Heroes.

Speciality meats, especially rare-breed mutton and hard-to-find game birds like woodcock.

Biodynamic calendar: look up when to drink your most precious bottles. Or eat your beetroot.

The only bike shop in London worth visiting.

London’s international centre for contemporary dance. A fantastic school and an amazing range of performances.

We’re forever asked where we get our fabulous wineracks; please tell them we told you.

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