Edward Eastwood

Systems Manager & Italy buyer

How long in the wine trade? My father had me stuffing envelopes with Christmas price lists at the age 11.

How did you get here? Oh, the conventional route: I worked for my father and BRL Hardy; then dabbled with becoming a rocket scientist, then exhibitionist; IT support; musician; then back to the wine trade. A spot of organic farming kept me busy in my spare time.

Favourite wine? The next one. Bring it on.

Worst wine experience? I found the world's worst Merlot in deepest rural Bulgaria... I think that might not have been an actual wine experience.

Signature dish? Slow roasted hand of pork with braised fennel.

Favourite restaurant? Club Gascon scratches my fois gras itch wonderfully.

What one thing would improve the quality of your life? I have to say I'm really quite content currently but a 26 hour day would help.

Favourite film? A toss up between Dr Strangelove and Kind Hearts and Coronets.

How do you relax? Anything involving scrap metal and a funky beat will do.