As a boy Ricardo de Freitas worked in the winery founded by his Grandfather, Mario Barbeito in 1946. In 1993 he eventually became winemaker, and introduced even more measures designed to ensure the name Barbeito is synonymous with the highest quality Madeira. Given the relentless media commentary on his radical methods, it is wasy to forget that Ricardo is most concerned with takinig Madeira back to its unique origins. Hence all the offerings on the left are naturally cask-aged and uncaramelised. They are Madeiras for purist and inquisitive imbibers.
Vintage Description Cs Sz Bt Sz Cs Bts Cs ib Cs inc Bt inc
N.V. ready Barbeito Boal Reserva 5 Year Old Madeira
6x 50cl 2 4 £50.00 £74.28 £14.50 Buy
2002 ready Barbeito Boal Cask 264 A+D Madeira
6x 50cl 3 4 £195.00 £248.28 £46.99 Buy
N.V. ready Barbeito Malvasia Reserva 5 Year Madeira
6x 50cl 4 0 £50.00 £74.28 £14.50 Buy
N.V. ready Barbeito Sercial Reserva Velha Madeira
6x 75cl 3 4 £144.00 £194.22 £36.99 Buy