2018 Bordeaux: this week and last

25 Apr 2019

Value choices and this year's early surprise 

Angelus provided this campaign's surprise early release. Otherwise the last 2 weeks have belonged chiefly to some of the value options. Lesser sites can struggle to attain proper ripeness in marginal vintages but that wasn't a problem in 2018. La Tour de By was featured in our first offer and has been selling well. Beaumont is another property capable of delivering great things for little money when the conditions are right and such is the case with its 2018. Another success story is Larrivaux, the property owned by Basile Tesseron's wife Berangere. The consultant here is the legendary Eric Boissenot, responsible for many of the Medoc's greatest wines.

Some signal releases from Margaux. Sadly missing in 2017 due to the devastating frost that decimated their vineyards, it's a very warm welcome back for Uncorked favourite Angludet: affordable, elegant and ageworthy, always punching above its weight. Yields are low in 2018 as well, but quality is intense. Also from Margaux, the ever popular Labegorce and the hugely improved Marquis d'Alesme.

Flipping over to the right bank, Moulin Haut-Laroque and Dalem are a couple of our favourite Fronsacs. From St-Emilion and the Vauthier family, who also own Ausone, come Fonbel and Moulin St-Georges. Laroque is massively improved, but remains cheap - just look at its pounds to points ratio! This week has also seen Denis Durantou's range - with the exception of L'Eglise Clinet itself, of course - most notably La Chenade, La Petite Eglise and Les Cruzelles.

Last but by no means least, the Sauternes. Botrytis came late in 2018 and left many chateau owners biting their nails, but when it did arrive it spread like wildfire. /NT

Offered subject to confirmation

Vintage Description Cs Sz Bt Sz Cs Bts Cs ib Cs inc Bt inc
2018 young Beaumont (Haut-Medoc)
12x 75cl 2 0 £105.00 - - Buy
2018 young La Chenade (Lalande-de-Pomerol)
6x 75cl 1 0 £72.50 - - Buy
2018 young Dalem (Fronsac)
6x 75cl 1 0 £90.00 - - Buy
2018 young Les Cruzelles (Lalande-de-Pomerol)
6x 75cl 4 0 £105.00 - - Buy
2018 young Labegorce (Margaux)
6x 75cl 2 0 £130.00 - - Buy
2018 young Moulin St-Georges (St-Emilion)
6x 75cl 2 0 £145.00 - - Buy
2018 young Angludet (Margaux)
6x 75cl 18 0 £156.00 - - Buy
2018 young La Petite Eglise (Pomerol)
6x 75cl 4 0 £181.50 - - Buy
2018 young Marquis d`Alesme (Margaux)
6x 75cl 2 0 £190.00 - - Buy
2018 young Angelus (St-Emilion)
6x 75cl 0 0 £1,530.00 - - Buy