An exciting country with a strong fusion between Latin American and European cultures it has several growing regions of which the best known is probably Mendoza in the Andean foothills. The mountain region is most famous for red wines, especially from Argentina`s signature grape, Malbec, originally from Cahors in SW France. Its most characteristic white is grown further north in Salta and is called Torrontes – a Gewurztraminer like fruit. Newly developing areas for wine include the very southerly, cold and windswept Patagonia, which many hail as a great area to grow Pinot Noir. (CW 23/01/12)
Vintage Description Cs Sz Bt Sz Cs Bts Cs ib Cs inc Bt inc
2010 ready Bodegas Krontiras Silvina Reserva Malbec
6x 75cl 1 3 £144.00 £188.87 £34.95 Buy
2016 ready Pulenta Estate Malbec (Mendoza)
12x 75cl 5 6 £150.00 £212.14 £19.95 Buy
2015 ready Pulenta Gran Cabernet Franc (Mendoza)
6x 75cl 6 0 £132.00 £174.47 £33.95 Buy
2014 ready Pulenta Gran Corte (Mendoza)
6x 75cl 7 4 £135.00 £178.07 £34.95 Buy
2016 ready Pulenta Gran Malbec (Mendoza)
6x 75cl 11 5 £138.00 £181.67 £33.95 Buy
2018 ready Pulenta La Flor Malbec (Mendoza)
12x 75cl 2 7 £90.00 £140.14 £13.95 Buy