Sohomare Tokubetsu Kimoto junmai sake

Heart and Soul

Sohomare is a very traditional producer using proven 300 year old techniques. It is a labour intensive way of working, involving three-hourly mashing of the rice. This promotes the amount of lactic acid available, which in turn helps to clean up naturally the amino acids at the end of fermentation. The result of all that is a complex, clean but creamy Sake with noticeable mineral notes, freshness and umami.

Sohomare only use grade A Yamadanishiki rice - the top of four levels and this is obtained from a small number of farmers with whom they have had long contracts. They must pay for the rice with cash 3 days before the trucks keave the farms. That precious rice then has 60% of its mass reduced by careful polishing, giving us wonderful purity. Additionally, this Sake is a careful blend of between 9 and 11 components, including 3 different vintages to produce a wonderfully complex Sake with Umami and length. Recommended with Chutoro tuna, Iberico ham, goats cheese and sea urchin roe. (CW 21/10/14)

Tochigi Prefecture,Sake JAPAN
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Dominant Grape
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Sohomare Tokubetsu Kimoto junmai sake