2017 Zind Humbrecht Riesling Clos Hauserer

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The Clos Haüserer lies at the foot of the Hengst Grand Cru, on a gentle easterly slope. Léonard Humbrecht succeeded in creating a single parcel of 1.1 ha along the border of the rural agricultural path, Haüserweg and in 1973 planted the Clos Haüserer exclusively to Riesling. This large plot is principally situated in the lieu-dit of Unterersoedlen, just outside the boundary of the Grand Cru Hengst; however a small part of the parcel is located within the lieu-dit Soedlen in the Grand Cru (which is quite possibly the best part of Hengst). The baptism of Clos Haüserer is a reference to the small stone walls which forms three of the sides and the rural path, Haüserweg, which runs along the final boundary. We find ruins of ancient Roman villas in parts of the Hengst and this path, the Haüserweg, signifies path or way to the houses or villas. The subsoil is identical to that of the Hengst, that is, marl and limestone from the Oligocene period. Due to this vineyard’s location in a small basin at the lower end of the slope, various elements have been deposited on the surface following erosion forming a gentle colluvial slope. The substrate Oligocene limestone is located at 1 to 2m below the surface, covered by a thick layer of marl which guarantees thriving conditions for the vines. In its youth this parcel was more prone to an excess of vigour, however by patiently waiting for the roots to penetrate into the depths of the soil, and through increasing the vine competition and adequately managing the viticulture, the vines have attained a balance. With the deep, established root system, this terroir excels in warm vintages as it preserves acidity. Clos Haüserer enjoys a varied and unique microclimate due to its situation in a small basin at the bottom of the slope and the fact that it is protected from wind. It can be an anomaly as it is a terroir as it can either be very warm or very cool. (OH)
Wintzenheim,,,, Alsace, FRANCE
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drink or keep
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91-93 points, Stephan Reinhardt, robertparker.com, October 2018
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Media Reviews

Stephan Reinhardt

Form underneath the Grand Cru Hengst and oligocene limestone with active calcium carbonate, the sample off the 2017 Alsace Riesling Clos Häuserer de Wintzenheim was not yet fully fermented to dry but offers a clear and tart grapefruit flavor. Fascinatingly pure and chalky-mineral on the palate, with a powdery texture and lovely grapefruit and lemon flavors, this is a concentrated, substantial and very long Riesling with very fine tannins. A gorgeous, impressive Clos on its way to dry. Tasted October 2018. No Turckheim Riesling was produced in 2017. 91-93 points

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