We have moved!

Come and see us from Monday 15 August 2022 at 22 Copthall Avenue, EC2R 7DN

After 28 years of Uncorked in Exchange Arcade, the time has come to move on. We’re excited to be moving: on Monday 15 August we will be opening the doors of our new premises at 22 Copthall Avenue. Copthall is bigger, smarter, and more suited to the way we work now. The temperature and humidity control are a wonder to behold. (It’s great for the bottles, but if you like a leisurely browse, bring a jumper). We haven’t moved far, but it’s a move that is taking us from the periphery of the City of London right to its heart.

We had to postpone our original opening day 28 years ago when Exchange Arcade flooded. This time, with our servers moving into the cloud, we are more worried about the IT. Our original business plan (12 different wines on tasting every day) didn’t survive contact with reality, but with a spirit of adaptability at the helm, Uncorked has thrived. We’ve learned a lot along the way. For instance, you can’t do en primeur without also doing storage. We now store some 30,000 cases of wine for 1,000 customers. Much of our time these days is spent managing and re-selling customer stocks. Thank you all for your trust, and thank you also to the many, many others who buy wine from us.

So here’s to the next 28 years. Come and see us in Copthall Avenue – we’ll be delighted to see faces old and new alike. Thirsty Thursday tastings will be taking place as usual, and could be a perfect opportunity to survey our new premises with a glass of something well-chosen in your hand. We look forward to seeing you./NT