Vincent Careme

Inasmuch as anyone in the UK has even heard of Vouvray these days, it is likely to be with a vague memory of both dirty and unsulphured wines from the 1970s and earlier. Things have changed in the last forty years, funnily enough and at the head of that change are producers like Vincent Careme.

Although his parents owned a few vines on their mixed farm, Vincent Careme is essentially a start-up vigneron. He began with a scant 5 hectares in 1999 and now farms 15, of which 8 are rented and 7 he owns. He farms all the land organically and everything is picked by hand. His wines have an intensity and purity characteristic of the absolute best of the modern era. Vincent has worked extensively in other regions in France and across the world, which is how he met his South African wife as well as acquiring a vast store of knowledge and experience.

As the vineyard holdings have expanded, Vincent outgrew his cellar and has moved into a more spacious and better equipped version up the road. Interestingly nearly half the production is sparkling and all the kit for that takes up a fair bit of space. We are delighted to work with Vincent Careme and credit him with influencing more people to start drinking these wines. (CW 03/09/18)

Vintage Description Cs Sz Bt Sz Cs Bts Cs ib Cs inc Bt inc
2016 ready Careme Vouvray Le Peu Morier Sec
6x 75cl 0 1 £90.00 £124.07 £23.95 Buy