Chinon, and the Loire Valley more generally, is an often-overlooked appellation, or at least one that doesn't seem to get the attention and praise it deserves. But we know that Cabernet Franc (known locally as 'Breton') is a grape that can be transformed into serious, long-lived wines with rich, earthy notes, and a peppery quality that adds savour to the cassis and blackberry fruit. It also makes the kind of young, delightfully light-bodied reds that are perfect for drinking during the warmer months: still juicy, but with a distinctive, aromatic leafiness that dials down the fruit and makes a wine that is refreshing and complete.

Domaine Grosbois is a relatively new addition to the Uncorked range, but a property that can trace its presence at the family manor house 'Le Pressoir' to before the time of the French Revolution. The house sits between the communes of Panzoult and Cravant and all nine surrounding hectares are planted to Cabernet Franc (the clay soils that sit on top of limestone bedrock are much better suited to red wine production than Chenin Blanc). Nicolas Grosbois took over from his parents in 2008 after winemaking stints in Oregon, New Zealand and Chile, among various other far flung locations. He has overseen the property's conversion to 100% organic and biodynamic farming. He's also done away with oak, preferring concrete for both fermentation and ageing, focussing instead on freshness and a real purity of flavour across the Grosbois range.

Vintage Description Cs Sz Bt Sz Cs Bts Cs ib Cs inc Bt inc
2020 drink or keep Grosbois Chinon Gabare
6x 75cl 5 1 £114.00 £156.04 £28.95 Buy
2019 drink or keep Grosbois Chinon Clos du Noyer
6x 75cl 1 4 £150.00 £199.24 £36.95 Buy