Distillerie de Paris

Sébastien and Nicolas Julhès are the brothers who started Distillerie de Paris in 2014 and they were the first distillery in Paris for over a hundred years. The germ of the project was sown when Nicolas was a child, reading Emile Zola and the stories around the city stills of that era. Between them the brothers bring a combination of production experience, a fascination with aromatics and a fierce desire to make the ultimate in quality, whatever they do.
They commissioned a 400 litre still from Arnold Holstein in Germany and use this precision instrument to fashion exquisite and aromatically fascinating spirits. (CW 18/06/18)
Vintage Description Cs Sz Bt Sz Cs Bts Cs ib Cs inc Bt inc
N.V. ready Distillerie de Paris Gin Batch No.1 43%
6x 50cl 0 1 - £226.80 £42.00 Buy
N.V. ready Distillerie de Paris Gin Bel Air 43%
6x 50cl 0 2 - £226.80 £42.00 Buy