Though only established as a wine producer in 1925, the Dutheil part of the family made the journey from impoverished Correze in deep France to the Loire valley in search of work and a better life almost 140 years ago. When a top bit of land became available for purchase, one of the main reasons that Baptiste Dutheil bought it and planted vines, was to make an excuse to hang on to his beloved horse. Eventually the family bought the remainder of Clos de l’Echo – an anonymous wheatfield since the depradations of phylloxera – and returned it to full Chinon glory. As the 21st century progressed, so did the growth of the company, at one point controlling over 100 hectares of prime land. The family grew too but in the 21st century the two controlling branches had a massive falling out, leaving Jacques and Arnaud Couly in place with the traditional family name and the two best vineyards. Their drive to make ripe and pure Chinon wines with lower than traditional yields and free of oak during fermentation has made them one of the leading producers in the appellation again. (CW 10/09/18)
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2016 drink or keep Couly-Dutheil Chinon Clos de l`Echo
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