Bodegas Chacra

A Franco-Italian venture in Argentine Patagonia, Chacra is a young venture, founded in 2003, with vines up to 90 years old. They are fanatical about preventing environmental degradation in their marginal terroir and farm organically and biodynamically in order to conserve and promote biodiversity at all levels of the food chain. As cultivated semi-desert, the Rio Negro region gices vines a chance to struggle to find and express their identity and the cool climate allows long ripening seasons and produces wines with remarkably low natural alcohol levels while fully ripe. Piero Incisa della Rocchetta discovered the existence of the region while in New York and on tasting a particularly luminous Pinot Noir from Rio Negro decided that this must be the place for him. Now in partnership with Jean-Marc Roulot - an equally legendary wine personality from Meursault for these Chardonnays, they makelean and precise, mineral wines. (CW 25/09/19)
Vintage Description Cs Sz Bt Sz Cs Bts Cs ib Cs inc Bt inc
2017 drink or keep Bodega Chacra Mainque Chardonnay
12x 75cl 0 0 - £428.14 £39.95 Buy
2017 drink or keep Bodega Chacra Chacra Chardonnay
6x 75cl 0 1 - £340.07 £74.95 Buy