Taylor's Very Old Single Harvest 1969

18 Feb 2019

It was the cellar of '69...

A perfect port for 50th birthdays and golden anniversaries

One of the most internationally recognisable port houses, Taylor also holds claim to some of the most extensive reserves of very old, carefully aged port in the region. Their impressive back catalogue means they have access to very rare cask-aged wines and for the sixth year in a row now Taylor has made a special release of a 50-year-old Single Harvest Tawny Port.

The ageing process for tawnies all happens in the barrel and as these ports develop and mellow, they gradually cast off much of their sediment and the colour fades from a deep ruby to a paler, more delicate hue. In the half century they spend in seasoned oak casks in Taylor's cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia, these limited-edition wines slowly mature, developing rich, enticing aromas and a wonderful complexity of flavour.

The 1969 release is slightly smoky, subtle and elegant on the nose, while the palate retains that desirably sticky, sweet fruit that leads into rich notes of coffee and butterscotch. And yet there is still plenty of freshness and acidity to lift and balance that intense depth of flavour. This tawny can be served according to tradition alongside a strong cheese like Stilton but would also work brilliantly with something rich and sweet like crème brûlée or a dark chocolate mousse. Whichever way you like it, this is a chance to get your hands on a fully mature port and a unique bottling. /RRS

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1969 ready Taylor`s Very Old Single Harvest Port
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