Clos Mireille: no better Provence Rosé

14 Jun 2017

2016 Domaines Ott* Clos Mireille offer 

Pale pink peachy perfection from £26.60 a bottle

A new vintage of any favourite wine is always keenly anticipated but with the 2016 Clos Mireille we found a brilliant example of Provence Rosé from an excellent year. Domaines Ott* has many aspiring mimics but very few peers; it really is worth the money. Judging by both the sales and the feedback when we had it on a Friday tasting a couple of weeks back many of you agree. So what is the secret of this pale salmon-pink, salmon-shaped epitome of summer?

The Ott dynasty was founded by young Marcel in 1896 in an attempt to restore the pest-ravaged vineyards of 19th century Provence. The amphora-shaped bottle he designed is not only a reference to a Greco-Roman design icon but reflects the undulating, organic vineyards as they curve down to the Mediterranean shore. Marcel saw the potential of Clos Mireille and added it to the portfolio in the 1930s. It has a unique terroir, especially its proximity to the sea.

The grape varieties aren't perhaps what you would expect, with a preponderance of the most noble at 80% Grenache and Syrah and just 20% Cinsault. Early picked for freshness and colour as well as those subtle but persistent rose, peach and pear flavours, Clos Mireille is not just the heart, but the very soul of Provencal summer drinking. /CW

*nothing to see here; it's a style thang.

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2016 ready Domaines Ott Clos Mireille Rose Provence
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