2018 Domaines Ott Rosé offer

15 May 2019

It Ott-a be a rosé summer

Ice cold, pale pink, dry and refreshing rosés

Packed with crunchy redcurrant fruit and with a finely textured mouthfeel, the 2018 wines from Domaines Ott* are perfect summer drinking. They're classic Provençal rosés; dry, intense and crisp. We're offering three of their wines from this great vintage: two in stock now and one on the way. Clos Mireille is perhaps the most elegant of the wines from the Domaines Ott* portfolio. It is pure and perfumed, crisply dry with ample red fruit flavour. Their By.Ott is not just a trendy name but a remarkably complete rosé at a great price for its quality. We'll have both these on tasting Friday this week.

Rosés from the Bandol part of Provence can't be released until May so Chateau Romassan will arrive in the UK in the middle of next week. But on our visit we found the most mouth-filling wine with flavour power, real presence and a very long finish thanks to the majority Mourvedre grape.

Nestling down in the south of France, Provence has singlehandedly resurrected a whole wine category from oblivion. Provençal Rosé has become a very seriously regarded style of wine and unusually this fashion seems to have been wrested away from the wine trade marketeers into the hands of the public. You've decided that these wines should be very pale, very dry and with depth of flavour and great textural presence. Domaines Ott* was listening before that clamour and has long been making this style of pale pink. Started 112 years ago by Marcel Ott there are still Ott family members involved even now it's owned by Roederer Champagne. But Roederer has improved the farming, drastically reducing chemical use and making ever more pure wines. Make your summer a rosé one with Domaines Ott*. /CW

*nothing to see here; it's a trademark thing

Offered subject to confirmation; By.Ott and Clos Mireille available now in store and online, Chateau Romassan available June 2019

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2018 ready Domaines Ott By.Ott Rose Cotes Provence
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