100 points & James Suckling’s #2 wine of 2019

5 Dec 2019

2015 Renieri Brunello di Montalcino pre-shipment offer

James Suckling's annual top 100 wines is an eagerly awaited list and stellar in its composition. We've worked with Marco Bacci for over 20 years and this success is the happy result of years of hard work.

Marco bought the Renieri Brunello di Montalcino estate a little before that but grubbed up the vines and in 1998 replanted, farming organically. Although the Montalcino estate is nearly 130 hectares, the vast majority is forest and only about 35 hectares are planted to vines, of which 6 hectares are Brunello; a further 8 being Rosso. There's a new, gravity-fed winery with fantastic temperature control.

Those vines are mostly on volcanic soil on the north-east side of the village and has an amphitheatre shape between 320 and 450 meters altitude. This exposition was absolutely crucial in a warm vintage like 2015, when some south and west facing estates struggled with the heat. Facing east towards Monte Amiata gives them early warmth and a good start during the day but provides some shelter from the hottest part of the afternoon. Now that the Sangiovese vines are 17 years old, the Brunello has really blossomed and shows the Montalcino terroir with precision and clarity as well as exhibiting some pretty amazing fruit. This is an irresistible addition to anyone's Brunello cellar. /CW

Offered subject to remaining unsold; for shipment Spring 2020