2015 Cabutto Barolo Tenuta La Volta

10 Jul 2019

Fratelli Cabutto: unsung hero 

The Cabutto family bought the La Volta farm back in 1920. Nestled by La Volta castle (it's known as the 'abode of the devil' due to some particularly wild legends) the winery overlooks the town of Barolo. For an estate of its age and size - they control around 20 hectares of vines - it is hardly known in the UK at all. They work rigorously in the vineyards and while they follow a very traditional path, the cellars are bang up to date. Tasting here, you can see why these wines became so highly prized by other winemakers.

Almost all the production is focused on just one wine because like other traditionalists they believe a blend from vineyards produces a wine of greater balance and complexity. Osvaldo's 2015 Barolo is juicy and vibrant, with a wonderful texture. This is such a well-judged wine, traditionally made but ripe and alluring. In common with many 2015s it won't need decades of aging before you can drink it, but with impeccable balance and plenty of concentration it will age effortlessly. And thanks to their low profile the wine is amazing value. /EE

Offered subject to remaining unsold; for shipment Autumn 2019