Chateau Armailhac

With more name changes than a Walthamstow wide boy on the Costa Brava, Armailhac now has a stable brand name. A sister Chateau to Clerc Milon, its vineyards are well placed over two types of gravel and some sandy limestone. Appropriately, since a mid nineteenth century owner was a fan of Cabernet Sauvignon, the majority planting is of that grape, with 23% Merlot. As is typical of the Mouton branch of the Rothschild family there is no second wine here, but as is also the case, the grand vin doesn`t suffer as there are lots of negociant offerings to take up any slack in quality. Chateau d`Armailhac has long been a very worthy fifth growth and has had a long period of high quality production, since the mid seventies and this continues. The current decade in particular has seen only success, with notable wines in 05, 06, 08 and especially 2009, where terroir and exemplary work in vineyard and chai have produced a wonderful, supple and dense wine. (CW 08/06/10)
Vintage Description Cs Sz Bt Sz Cs Bts Cs ib Cs inc Bt inc
2018 drink or keep Armailhac (Pauillac)
6x 75cl 2 4 £210.00 £268.07 £54.95 Buy
2019 young Armailhac (Pauillac)
6x 75cl 5 0 £186.00 - - Buy