Bond Estates

I love the Bond wines. Not cheap but pretty good value and as a portfolio a distinctive set of Napa terroirs. They are owned by, but run as a separate operation to Harlan Estate. Each one has a different set of aromas, flavours and strcture and each one is a pleasure to drink. They are proper wines with freshness and balance and none of them is overbearing or tiring. If you love the terroirs of Burgundy then these Cabernets express equivalent differences. Bond describe themselves as Grand Cru and I wouldn`t argue with that. So if you have a chance to taste - or better drink any of these - you`ll be experiencing a genuinely great wine. If you ever have the chance to taste them side by side. Whether it is St Eden, Melbury, Vecina, Quella or Pluribus you`ll get a fabulous glimpse of the complexity of Napa Valley. (CW 13/08/19)

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