2018 Burgundy en primeur

What a difference a year makes! 2018 red Burgundies are totally different wines compared to the 2017s, which were approachable and are making delicious drinking from the off. 2018 has produced a vintage of more structured Pinot Noir; bigger bodies, with more tannins and more ageing potential. The wines we'll be offering don't show the over-ripeness you might expect from a warm season and they have great complexity even at this very early stage, when they haven't yet started to develop. We saw a lot of floral notes and red fruits. It was certainly a farmer's vintage: good vineyard management and - especially - leaf canopy management were crucial, but deciding when to pick was even more important this year. To see the full report click here /CW


Vintage Description Cs Sz Bt Sz Cs Bts Cs ib Cs inc Bt inc
2018 ready Domaine de la Chaponne Morgon Cote du Py
12x 75cl 1 7 £105.00 £158.14 £14.95 Buy
2018 drink or keep Jean-Paul Droin Chablis
12x 75cl 21 3 £174.00 £240.94 £22.95 Buy
2018 young Paul Jacqueson Rully Blanc
6x 75cl 8 0 £90.00 £124.07 £23.95 Buy
2018 ready Christian Moreau Chablis
6x 75cl 2 4 £84.00 £116.87 £21.95 Buy