Colin Wills

Content Manager & France buyer

How long in the wine trade? Can it really be 40 years since I first pinned the haemorrhoid badge on my lapel? Of course in those days wine knowledge was strictly an optional extra...

How did you get here? Left Oddbins in a huff and, after a short period of, ahem, self–employment (or was it consultancy?), found myself making the tea here.

Favourite wine? Used to be Amarone (still up there), now probably anything from Grivot, Barthod or Fourrier

Worst wine experience? A corked bottle of Champagne one Christmas day, after a particularly gruelling December and staying miles from anywhere.

Signature dish? Risotto, or Osso Buco, or petit pot au chocolat

Favourite restaurant? Porto Palio in Verona – a proper local in a deconsecrated chapel with mad staff, good food and a great atmosphere. The Company Shed in West Mersea for only doing one thing and doing it brilliantly. I Gelsi in Baschi for its stunning (if fluorescent) prawn rice pudding

What one thing would improve the quality of your life? Not thinking so much.

Favourite film? Don't really do film, but Kagemusha.

How do you relax? Reading the Saturday paper over a full English on Sunday morning. I don't like surprises.